Best Rabbit Food

Looking out for the best food for your rabbit is not an easy task. With so many rabbit foods being advertised one may get confused as to which one is the best. In picking out a particular food for your rabbit you have to consider many things especially the presence of certain essential vitamins and minerals. Also you need to look for foods that contain DHA Omega 3 and antioxidants, these help to support the brain of the rabbit, the heart and also the vision. Finally you need to find a food that contains lots of what the rabbit likes to eat. After much consideration, these are the best rabbit foods you can give your rabbit.

Rabbit Food

  • Vitakraft VitaSmart: This food is made up of mainly Timothy grass, fatty acids and omega oils. This is one of the best rabbit foods in the market, it is highly nutritious and helps to build up healthy muscles for your rabbit. It is a complete meal that contains everything that your rabbit would need for growth and development. It can be used in any stage of the rabbit’s development.
  • Supreme Selective Fortified Rabbit Food: This food is high in fiber, it is composed of mainly grass and it is used in rabbits mainly as a supplement. Its fiber content makes it a great meal to help with digestion in your rabbit. The food is not just high in fiber, it also contains ingredients like omega 3 and 6 that helps with brain development and also with the skin coat of the rabbit.
  • Adult Healthier & Happier by Sherwood: This is another great rabbit food, it is hay-based and it dies not contain any grain or soy. The food also contains fiber at an adequate amount. This food gives your rabbit a balanced diet and it is low on calories. This food has an added advantage in that it has extra Timothy grass hay, this helps to give the rabbit the extra nutrients that it needs and helps to keep them healthy.
  • Supreme Pet Foods Russel Rabbit Food: This food is made in such a way that it stimulates the appetite of the rabbit helping them to eat more and live a healthy life. The food also contains alfalfa that helps to provide the rabbit with calcium and fiber. It also contains other vegetables that is a source of vitamins and minerals. To top it all it also contains Timothy hay which is the favorite food of most rabbits. This is a complete meal that you should not deny your rabbit of.
  • Kaytee Timothy Complete Diet for Rabbit: This food was developed by experts to help make sure that the rabbits enjoy a balanced nutritious meal. This meal is in pelleted form and it is composed of hay extracts and also essential vitamins and minerals. It is a complete diet for your rabbit and it helps to keep the rabbit healthy and strong.